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We saw the future and said “No, local must thrive!”
So, we created an alternative future:
a single eCommerce and collaborative platform
designed for the convenience of consuming local.

Local is more efficient, Local is profit-friendly, Local is planet-friendly,
Local strengthens communities, Local is more accountable and trackable,
Local is what people want!

We are an international group of companies and partners, with experience in several industries, who understand the importance of local business to the heartbeat of community.

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If paid per year.
If paid per month, €29.50/month.
+1.25% on turnover
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A "voucher-month" is the maximum allowed usage time of a voucher. If a trader wishes to run a voucher for more than one month, he must pay for each additional month, as if it were a new voucher. So, to run the same voucher for 12 months or to launch a different voucher each month costs the same amount, namely the price of 12 vouchers.Extra vouchers (calculated in "vouchermonths") (i) €20/voucher €15/voucher
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Warren, PA, 16365

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